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Dog Trainer

Welcoming home a puppy is an exciting time but it's also filled with new challenges.


Our team is here to set you and your puppy on the road to lifelong success. I understand that every dog is an individual and every home and pet dog owner has individual needs. To meet those individual needs, I provide the option for either a custom-tailored 6 session private puppy program or individual solo sessions at your request.


I will work with you to understand your unique goals and the specific behaviours you want to address and work towards.

Through structure and positive reinforcement, I will teach you how to motivate your pup to get the results you want and have them develop into a well-rounded pet dog.

To learn more about me and my credentials, click below. To learn more about my puppy program, keep scrolling.

Puppy Training Program

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In total we will complete 6 sessions. The first session will be one hour and then the 5 sessions after that will be approximately 45 min each. I recommend doing the first two sessions a week apart and then, after that, spacing the sessions out every 3 weeks. Spacing the sessions out is a great way to hit a few stages of puppyhood while also giving yourself a good amount of time to practice the homework.

You will learn Puppy Training with lure reward techniques to establish a foundation of a healthy bond, forging a lifelong bond based on mutual understanding and respect. Master fundamental puppy manners, including commands like FOCUS, SIT, DOWN, STAY, DROP IT, LEAVE IT, LEASH WALKING, RECALL, YES WORK, PLACE WORK and more!


- Potty Training
- Crate Training

- PLACE work
- Puppy Biting
- Unwanted Puppy Chewing
- Introduction to Leash Walking
- Introduction to Basic Commands
- Preventing Problem Behaviors
- Proper Socialization

I believe that being the Best Dog Trainer means providing a personalized plan that works for you and your puppy. This private puppy training program is excellent for owners who want a tailored approach to Dog Training with individualized attention at your and your pups pace.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or to request availability.  Additionally you can find me and my dogs on Instagram.


Dog Training near me / areas that I service: Toronto as well as Chatham-Kent and the surrounding area

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