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<img src="dog-trainer-trail.jpg" alt="Certified dog trainer with a beaming smile, accompanied by three well-behaved dogs on a scenic trail. The dogs include a Husky, Rottweiler, and Mastiff Lab mix, showcasing diverse breeds in professional dog training.">
Unlock Your Dogs Potential

Dog Training - Nurturing Well-Behaved Companions.

Welcome to Dog Training with Nicola

dog training near me

I am a relationship-based dog trainer specializing in the art of obedience and behaviour modification training.

My goal in working with you is that you and your dog are able to communicate effectively with each other, I want you to enjoy your time together without the worry of unwanted behaviours. 

My Dog Training methods empower pet owners to foster obedience while equipping dogs to become the best version of themselves – a well-balanced, and joyful companion. We work to achieve this through coaching and education; implementing boundaries, relationship building, play and helping dogs to build good habits.


I believe that all dogs deserve a chance to become the best version of themselves.

Dog Training Programs 

Looking for the best Dog Training for your dog? See what options I am currently offering.

If you are looking to have a stronger bond with your dog, clearer communication, and better obedience; reach out to me today!

puppy training

Puppy Training 

Lay the foundation for good behaviour. 

Teaching fun and effective reward based Dog Training. Covering the essentials of Puppy Training to help you raise a happy and well balanced member of your family.



professional dog training

One-on-One Sessions

Solo Dog Training sessions are a great way to get individualized attention for you and your pup. Whether you are looking for better obedience or behaviour modification, having private lessons can help.

Dog Training

Board and Train

Your dog comes to stay with me in my home for a 4 week period. In this time we will be working on strengthening their obedience, and helping them to overcome unwanted behaviours while forming positive habits.

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