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dog training near me

My Board and Train services provide a practical approach to dog training. When your dog comes to stay with me, they become part of my family, taking part in daily activities with a personalized training program specifically targeted to conquer their challenges.


We will focus on real-life in-home dog training challenges, which means your dog will work on skills like leash walking, basic obedience, and good manners around the house. We use positive reinforcement-focused techniques to help your dog understand what behaviours are desirable and which ones are not. 


Board and Trains are an excellent way to give your dog a reset and an opportunity to build foundational skills that they can continue with when they return home to you. 

When my Dog Board and Train service is complete, you will have  

two one hour sessions with me where we go over the fundamentals

of what your dog learned and how you can implement 

these new learned behaviours into your life. 



  • Excessive barking

  • Jumping

  • Leash Pulling 

  • Lunging on leash 

  • Separation Anxiety 

  • Fear-based behaviours 

  • Overall everyday manners

  • Resource Guarding 

  • And More!


Rate: $3999 for a 4 week program.

Pickup and drop-off service available for Dog Training Near Me 


Board And Train


My mission is to create a safe and nurturing environment where dogs can thrive and learn. I am dedicated to ensuring that every dog in my care receives the highest level of attention, training, and love. I believe that a well-rounded and happy dog is the product of a balance between physical and mental stimulation, as well as the ability to find and maintain a sense of calm. While staying with me, the goal is to not only provide a home away from home but to also help them become well-behaved, content, and balanced.

puppy training

balancE approach

As a Dog Trainer, balance is a paramount value in my approach. I believe that for a dog to truly thrive and become a happy, well-rounded companion, we must address their needs on multiple fronts. This includes providing the right amount of physical exercise, engaging them in mental stimulation, and teaching them how to find and maintain a sense of calm. I am committed to working with your dog to strike this perfect equilibrium. Through reward-based training, I aim to create a positive and enjoyable learning experience. Simultaneously, I maintain clear boundaries, ensuring that your dog understands what is expected of them. It's in this balance that we unlock the full potential of your canine friend, helping them become not only well-behaved but also content and fulfilled.. 

personal dog trainer near me

Authenticity and Trust

I hold authenticity and trustworthiness as foundational principles. It's essential to me that I provide a transparent and honest perspective. I firmly believe in not sugar-coating things or offering unrealistic expectations when it comes to your dog's training. Every dog is a unique individual with their own set of needs and characteristics, and I honor and respect that. By being genuine and straightforward, I aim to establish a relationship of trust with my clients, ensuring they have a clear understanding of the process and what to expect. This approach not only leads to more effective results but also builds a solid foundation for long-lasting partnerships with both the dogs and their owners.

cheap dog training near me

community and growth

Building We Wag Toronto has built a strong community of dog loving people and Dog Training only works to strengthen that.  

Dog training, as I see it, is a dynamic process that involves not only working with dogs but also engaging with people and cultivating a sense of community. Central to my training philosophy is the understanding that successful outcomes emerge from collaborative efforts and shared experiences. I believe in the idea that educating and supporting dog owners is just as vital as instructing the dogs themselves. This philosophy of community extends far beyond the training sessions, creating a network of individuals who, like me, are deeply dedicated to the well-being of their dogs. I take great pride in being a part of this community, where we exchange knowledge, form lasting connections, and together, rejoice in the delight of having content, well-behaved dogs enriching our lives.

professional dog training near me

purpose and determination

For me, dog training is more than an occupation; it's a way of life, a profound calling that holds deep meaning.

The immense joy and profound fulfillment I experience in facilitating the harmonious connection between dogs and their owners stem from my unwavering determination.

I wholeheartedly believe in the potential for every dog to learn and flourish, and my life's mission is to turn this potential into a tangible reality for each dog I'm fortunate to work with.

There is no greater source of happiness for me than witnessing the progress achieved by both the client and their dog as they journey together towards a brighter, more enriching future.

personal dog trainer


At the end of any Dog Board and Train program it is crucial that dog owners follow the guidance of what they have learnt in their follow up Board and Train sessions. Your dog has learnt new behaviours and patterns and to have success when they come back home, they need consistency in training techniques and commands. Without ongoing leadership and reinforcement from their owner, in time, the dog will revert to old habits. Essentially, the post-board and train training continued by the owner will serve as the bridge that guarantees a seamless shift from professional training to a content and well-behaved dog in their home.

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